How to install WordPress

WordPress Installation in brief:

1. Download WordPress Package.
2. Unzip the WordPress Package.
3. Create a database and database user for it in your webserver, exclusively for wordpress. Make sure the MySQL user created have all privileges for accessing the database created and for modifying the database.
4. Rename the “wp-config-sample.php” file to “wp-config.php”.
5. Edit the file “wp-config.php” and add your database information ( database name, user, password).
6. Upload the WordPress Folder in to the desired location in your Webserver (Using an FTP client or File Manager).

WordPress Installation Tips:

a. If you need your WordPress to be installed in to the root of your website (i.e, wordpress shows up when one browses, you need to move or upload all the contents of your unzipped WordPress folder (note all the contents inside the folder and not the folder) into the root directory(public_html in case of a linux server and wwwroot in case of a Windows server).

b. Consider you need the wordpress to be installed in a sub directory, say wp (i.e, wordpress shows up when one browses Then as a first step you  need to cerate the sub-directory, say wp under the rooot directory. Now, upload the wordpress folder contents to the sub-directory.

Make sure that the option in FTP client to convert the file names to lower case is disabled.

The wordpress installation scripts can be run by accessing the URL: in case (a) and in case (b)

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