Improve Website Loading Speed of your Site

How to Improve Website Loading Speed of your Site

Website loading speed plays an important role in making UX (User Experience) on your website. Changes in UX may cause to increase the bounce rate and thereby, decrease the traffic. Web administrator should be very careful to handle these situations. Here we are providing some useful information to maintain your website loading speed.

We can improve the Website Loading Speed or  access time of our websites by following these steps.

Enable Compression

Compressing your website resources with gzip or deflate will reduce the number of bytes sent over the network.

Leverage browser caching

Leverage browser caching can be obtained by setting an expiry date in the HTTP headers for static resources. This will instruct the browser to load resources from local disk. This will reduce the network usage.

Reduce server response time

There are many factors which affect the server response time. You should monitor, where your server spends more time and solve it.

Optimize images

Image size is a common problem affecting the website loading speed. The size of images should be minimum. This will increase your website speed. Otherwise, users have to wait for the images to load after the actual content of the website has loaded.

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Avoid the usage of blocking script resources and blocking CSS resources.

Minify JavaScript

Compact the JavaScript codes to save many data bytes.

Minify CSS

Compact the CSS codes to save data bytes.

Minify HTML

Compact HTML codes, including inline JavaScript and CSS codes.

Avoid landing page redirects

Page redirects also reduces the speed of your site. Its annoying for the users to see a page redirecting to other when they don’t expect them.

Prioritize visible Contents

Give maximum priorities to visible contents.
We can analyse the status of our website using Google developer’s PageSpeed Insights. This will guide you to improve your website loading time.

Reference : google

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