Migrate WordPress to BlogEngine

Migrate WordPress to BlogEngine Platform.

Migrate WordPress to other Platforms is a easy process. Below are the detailed steps with illustrations of the same.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel/  Dashboard.
dashboard: migrate wordpress


  1. Now, in the Dashboard, in the left panel, Go to Tools. A greyish black box appears as in the figure given below. ¬†From the option that appears click on “Export” option.
export: migrate wordpress


  1. Once the export option is pressed, a new window appears. The next step is to Click on “Download Export File” in the window that appears.
download export file: migrate wordpress
download export file


This will download the export file of your WordPress blog in .xml format.


Now you have to convert this XML format file into BlogML format. Online tools are available for this. Check this.


Now you can open BlogEngine.NET and import the BlogML file.


WordPress can be exported and migrated to many other platforms as well. All you need is to export the xml file. For importing to WordPress from other platforms, you can use the “Import” option instead of the export option. There are plugins available that will particularly import and export WordPress XML files to a particular blog platform. Input tools are also available in the WordPress dashboard.



Migrate WordPress from other Platforms
Migrate WordPress from other Platforms


The above picture shows the window that appears when you click on WordPress import button. Many options to import from various platforms such as Blogger, Blogroll, Categories and Tags Converter, Live Journal, Movable Type and TypePad, RSS, Tumblr and WordPress itself is now available inbuilt in the WordPress dashboard itself. For more options various plugins are available from third parties.


In the picture, the encircled portion with a red pen shows ” search the plugin directory ” to see if another importer is available. These plugins also makes our work more easier.

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