Running the Installation Script of Wordpress

Running the Installation Script of WordPress

For this you need a web browser like firefox, google-chrome etc.
·    If the WordPress files were placed in the root directory, browse:
·    If the WordPress files were placed in the sub directory, browse: :
Setting up the WorPress Configuration File.
In the case you haven’t edited the database details in the WordPress Config file, WordPress will be asking you to create the file using installtion script. (This is also be accessed using the URL: in the browser).
After this process succeeds you can go ahead with the Installation.

Finishing installation

Enter thefollowing detals in the screen:
1. Site Title.
2. Desired Username.
3. Desired Password (twice).
4. Your Email address.
5. Check on the checkbox if you would like your site to be idexed on the search Engines.

All these information can be altered in the Admin Panel later if required.

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