Which is more faster in Codeigniter and Yii frameworks?

Yii and Codeigniter are very efficient framework platforms in php development. Both have its own characteristics to highlight. We can choose one of them based on our requirements.

According to the study conducted by www.yiiframework.com, Yii is more efficient than Codeigniter.

comparison between yii and codeigniter
comparison between yii and codeigniter

In this graph, we can see that Yii 1.0.2 version is more efficient than Codeigniter 1.7.0 version. Yii is so much faster because it uses the lazy loading technique. According to this technique, Yii frame work will not include a file or a class or an object until it is used for the first time. But other frameworks would enable these, no matter it is used or not  i.e. resources are only loaded when required. This feature enhances the performance of Yii.

Based on the survey which is conducted by www.doophp.com, Codeigniter 2.0 version is more faster than Yii 1.1.6 version.

Comparison between Codeigniter and Yii
Reference:www.doophp.com                         Comparison between Codeigniter and Yii


Through this graph, they states that DooPHP is the fastest MVC based PHP framework. And also , advanced versons of Codeigniter covers Yii in performance .

In my opinion, Codeigniter is one of the fastest growing MVC based PHP framework, and has its own set of libraries But in the case of Yii framework, It inherits the style from the three well known frameworks – Codeigniter, Symphony and Zend. Both of them have a concept of Lazy loading. So it is very difficult to say that, which one is faster. But we can use them as per the requirement of the product to be developed.

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